Watermelon Boats, by Wendy MacLaughlin, is a ten-minute short play that tells the story of a friendship between two girls throughout the course of about ten years. In the play there are three changes of time--each indicated by a foghorn--in which the girls age. The play shows how even though people and circumstances and ideas grow and change, friendships don't have to be lost with them. I directed this in Directing II with a cast of two girls from within my directing class. We had about two weeks to prepare a staged reading of our plays for class, and that added many limitations as to what could feasibly be done (three theatre majors in the same class all directing similar scenes with different people and trying to schedule rehearsal time doesn't make for much rehearsal time at all for any given scene). This scene is very deep, and I could have spent a week alone of full rehearsals on bookwork, but instead I had to settle for three rehearsals of about an hour each. I actually ended up very pleased with the results, and the girls were great to work with--even through the many blocking issues I was having. We had to stage them in either thrust or the round, and it was my first time trying either. Initially, I decided to stage corner-thrust, but I was having problems with it. By the time the performance came around I realised how my staging actually worked perfectly in the round!