As a director, I take a script that someone has written and I help bring it to life on the stage. A friend of mine once commented, "I direct because I want to feel." I could easily apply this comment to any of the art forms that I choose to work within: it is a universal artistic truth. Through directing I am able to take actors and turn them into friends, into lovers, into enemies...into family. With them I take the script and mold the events--I watch them and work with them to turn the piece into a living, breathing, tangible thing. Together we experience the pain, love, joy and sorrows that unfold within the pages of our work. There is almost nothing that can compare with watching this thing that you helped to create--this thing that has been able to move you beyond your life--move and inspire and change others. Aristotle said that theatre should be a catharsis, and knowing--when that catharsis has happened to someone, be it in your cast, in the audience, or to yourself--that you helped to shape that is one of the most empowering and humbling experiences that exists.

Throughout my college experience I have directed a few scenes and one-acts. There are many more that I desire and dream to direct in my lifetime. Through this page I am able to share a little bit of my experiences, and a little bit of what I have learned and lived in the world of directing.

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