Welcome to my theatre site. Through these pages you will discover my true theatrical loves, what I've done in the past, and what I would like to do in the future. Each section that includes work I've done in the past will include photos of the shows discussed on the page.

Theatre has always been many things to me: it has been a lover, a close friend and confidante, and my worst enemy. Theatre was everything to me at a time in my life when I didn't have anywhere else to turn, and it allowed me to experience a world outside of my own depression and seclusion. With this good, however (as always there must be), there came the bad: the parts that were too similar to myself to hide, for instance, and the times without a show when I felt so desperate to run away from the pain within me. Theatre was an easy out that kept me from dealing with more personal issues (while at the same time introducing me to things that I'd later come to embrace as essential pieces of me), and I haven't seriously done any acting in years. I've done a bit of directing, and would love to do more given the opportunity and the right piece.

As silly as this may sound to some, without theatre I don't think I could ever have become the person I have. Years of support, admiration and accolades built up a near-infallible sense of self-esteem, and little pieces of every character I've ever portrayed have remained to mold me into who I am today: Laura keeps me dreaming, Jackie taught me how to get anything I could ever want, Guinevere brought out my fierce pride, and Kate showed me a strength I carry with me to this day. As much as I was able to find and express myself in them, they found a place within me.

- Lindsay